Gold-Translucent-Crystals-Natural-Leather-Wrap-Bracelet-by-Tammy-Lyn-AppenzellarSeveral years ago, I had a clear vision of a style of jewelry I wanted to wear. Not finding it in any stores, I began fabricating jewelry myself. My friends began ordering pieces to wear or to offer as gifts. Soon, I was hearing from them how they felt positive vibrations when wearing my jewelry.

A conscious effort was then made to meditate and to create each piece of handmade jewelry with positive intentions. Each piece communicates its unique energy to me, and I note it on a card for You.

These positive intentions are part of the Universal Life Force, sometimes called “Prana” or “Chi”, it is our vital force, the natural energy that supports all life.

Each piece is hand-woven with positive intention, in harmony with its vibration. Some jewelry carries positive vibrations such as light, harmony, calm, or joy; others carry vibrations of protection, purpose, or strength.

The jewelry, when worn, mixes with your own alchemy, making it uniquely Yours.

It is my pleasure to create jewelry of quality and beauty that promotes mindfulness. Each piece is hand crafted with Love and Integrity, designed to have a positive impact on the Wearer and on the World.

Love, Light, and Abundance,

Tammy Lyn Appenzellar