Tammy Lyn AppenzellarWelcome to my website. My name is Tammy Lyn Appenzellar, and I am a Free-Lance Writer, Author, Master Healer and Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Wayshower, Channel, and a Jewelry Creator and Designer.

My Life Path led me to live on a remote Montana ranch in the Blackfoot Valley as a child and teenager. There, I roamed freely with my horse and my dog, learning to communicate telepathically with animals and plants, and naturally meditating and communicating with my spirit guides. Cut off from all forms of media, I was free to live in harmony with nature.

As an adult, I traveled to many different countries, observing Life and studying various forms of alternative Self Care and Spiritual Healing. My Life Path has brought me many experiences and some very difficult challenges. I am grateful for all that I have lived, as it has made me the person I am today, and has equipped me to be helpful to others.

Eating Clean Food and practicing Yoga daily is a great passion of mine. I love it, it feels good, and it helps me to be the best person I can be. It also keeps my physical body clean and clear for writing and for channeling energy during healing sessions.

As a child cut off from television and radio in the remote Montana Rockies, reading books was my number one source of entertainment. I love books. I love words. My greatest passion has always been writing. I wrote my first novel at the age of nine, a detective story, and have been writing ever since.

I have penned lyrics for songs, written a handful of novels, several screenplays, a dozen or so short stories, numerous poems, and I do many different styles of free-lance writing for others.

Several years ago, I had a clear vision of a style of jewelry I wanted to wear. Not finding it in any stores, I began fabricating it myself. My friends began ordering pieces to wear or to offer as gifts. Soon, I was hearing from them how they felt positive vibrations when wearing my jewelry.

A conscious effort was then made to infuse each piece of handmade jewelry with positive intentions. Each piece communicates its unique energy to me, and I note it on a card for you.

Positive Life Empowerment for all beings on this planet is my personal perception of reality. I believe that we all have the capacity and the desire to live with Love in the Light. We are currently passing into a new dimension with new vibrations. I am happy to assist in this transformation in any way I can.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions. It is always a delight to meet new people.

Love, Light, and Abundance,

Tammy Lyn