Mindful Synaptic Pruning by Tammy Lyn Appenzellar


Your brain is like a garden. Instead of growing fruits and vegetables, your brain grows synaptic connections.

Glial cells are the gardeners of your brain – some nurture the synaptic signals between neurons, others “weed out” synaptic connections. Synaptic connections that get used less are marked by a protein C1q, and are destroyed by glial cells.

BE MINDFUL of what you’re thinking about…

If you focus on a person who has hurt you over and over, you are sending the signal to your brain to “nurture” that kind of negative event. If you think about your dreams and desires over and over, you are sending the signal to your brain to “nurture” that kind of positive event.

How do you break a bad thinking habit?

Going on the basis of Synaptic Pruning, if you think about it a lot, it is nurtured, If you think about it less, it is weeded out.

We put a lot of information in our subconscious mind, like breathing, walking, etc. You don’t run around talking to yourself in your mind, “Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out” or “Walk, left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot”. You get the idea… by putting information in our subconscious mind, we leave space in our conscious mind for learning and daily interaction.

Childhood trauma, negative past life experiences, and adult trauma program negative emotional reactions in our subconscious. In other words, fills our brain garden full of weeds.

The good news is, it is fairly easy to reprogram this kind of stuff… fairy easy to pull out the weeds, and plant some really nutritious healthy habits.

It requires mindfulness. 

What does that mean?

Mindfulness means “paying attention”. When you find yourself going down that negative thinking road, stop yourself. Acknowledge that it is a negative thinking pattern, acknowledge that you no longer wish to think in that negative way, and then do something new… by doing something new, you are marking the old thought with a protein C1q, meaning you are marking it to get weeded out!

What kind of new thing can I do?

I find that singing or putting on music with a great beat stops my negative thinking in its tracks.

Sometime you are at work, so you can’t bust a move and break into song, in that case you can hum; hum out loud or silently inside your mind.

Another excellent way to beat the bad thoughts is by using mantras. They can be spoken or sung, out loud or inside your mind.

Here are a few examples of mantras I use with myself and my clients:
All life flows to me with ease, joy, and grace.
I am worthy, I am loved, I am enough.
I see clearly the path before me, the world around me, and the truth within me.
Love, Light, and Abundance.

Singing, humming, and chanting mantras command your glial cells to nurture positive synaptic connections in your brain, leaving negative ones to be marked for destruction.

Singing, humming, and chanting mantras also raises the energetic vibrations in your body and aura, naturally bringing you to feeling more joy.

Mindfulness demands that you pay attention, that you “master” your thoughts, and yourself long enough for the old synaptic connections to disappear. Then you have new habits, new synapses in your subconscious mind.

Of course, mastering ourselves and our thoughts is a life-long magnificent work of art! It may feel like work in the beginning, like it is no fun at all, but very quickly it becomes a part of you, and it feels good and loving.

So, let’s do some springtime gardening! It is a perfect time of the year to do Mindful Synaptic Pruning, and nurture your mind into growing a glorious brain garden full of joy and abundance this spring and summer.

Love Light Abundance

Tammy Lyn Appenzellar