La Biennale d’Art Contemporain Lyon

Friday was a beautifully sunny day. I took a long walk along the river and then crossed the Rhône River to arrive on the Presqu’ile where I saw an intriguing Dome situated on Place Antonin Poncet, adjacent to Place Bellecour.

Richard Buckminster Fuller

Celeste Bourseier Mougenot

Two ideas come together to create a pool in which ceramic bowls float in a current of water, bumping together to create a beautiful melody of sound and vibrations, under a geometric dome. It is entitled Mondes Flottant or Floating Worlds.


Many people say upon benches along the sides of the walls and meditated in one fashion or another. It was soothing and beautiful. Such a delight to be under a dome with all that positive energy!

The Healing Power of Sound

If you are interested in learning more about The Healing Power of Sound please click on the link which will direct to you to an article written by Elba Meuller at The Chopra Center.

Love, Light, and Abundance,
Tammy Lyn